The Bull and the Ass

Welcome to the second episode of the 1001 Arabian Nights audio drama, adapted from Sir Richard Burton's timeless classic "Arabian Nights Entertainments." The Arabian Nights  tale continues as the witty Wazir tries to reason with his willful daughter Sharzahd, weaving a tale that begins in a humble barnyard between a merchant farmer and a bellowing Bull, a Braying Ass, a doleful Dog, and a cocky Cock! This merchant is no ordinary fellow as he understands the speech of birds and beasts. His laughing almost causes him to lose his life over revealing the animal's secrets at the insistence of his shrewish wife. Upon the tale's conclusion, Sharzahd seals her fate to the vengeful King Shahryar. Introducing Sharzahd's  lovely sister Dunyazad in this prelude to the first of 1001 Nights. Cast: Michael Valenzuela as The King Sean Chiplock as the Wazir Chris Thurman as the Bull and Cock Karen Kahler as the Jackass Robert Cossyleon as Merchant Farmer Eric Puhlmann as Farmer Emily Dawkins as Merchant Farmer's Wife Zeke as the Townsman S. Davis as Townswoman Odell Atkinson as the Dog Karen Hayman as Dunyazad Margritte as Sharzahd "Tighten the Belt" Sayed Darwish "Beauty of Drones" Simon StockHausen "Nine Lies the Heart" /"Triller" ERH/Freesound Sound effects from / "Enter In" Steve Urwin  and "Arabian Adventures"  Music Bakery licensed by c.2012 all right reserved

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