Nameless City (Irem) HP Lovecraft

HP Lovecraft's "Nameless City" 1921. A hapless adventurer wanders into the far reaches of the desert, with the words of the Mad Arab Abdul Al Hazred "That is not dead which eternal can lie...and with strange aeons even death may die..." echoing in his fevered mind. The roseal light of the sub blazes, with visions of the Halls of Memnon, and the times before Babylon. As the sands blow in the spectral ruins, a colossal door springs open. Down the adventurer descends down ancient corridors alighted with a torch, and springs upon antediluvian rites and crocodilian horrors....

Features: Tom Kerin The Adventurer
               Faisal Yaqub Abdul Al-Hazred the Mad Arab 
Music: Emme Ya - "The Backward Path"
                           "Het Isht Num Mize"
                            "Pre-Eval Atavisms (gods ov shadows)
Sound effects from
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