“Abdullah and the 1001 Columns of the City of Irem”

Desert Gems Audio presents Sir Richard Burton’s timeless classic


Abdullah the adventurer: Faisal Yaqub

Muwaiyah the Caliph: Kamran Nikhad

Ka’ab the scribe: Warren Blackie

Special Thanks to King Shadad: Richard Kingston

Architects: Anthony Sardinha
Sage Al-Shaabi Sean Chiplock
Sage Al Salibi : Patrick Seymour

Music Qaf – Al Tareeq Ella Tamaher

Music Emme Ya Nightside Ov Eden

“Abdullah and the 1000 Pillars of Irem”
Sound effects from freesound.org Opening and ending credits theme/ "Enter in" Steve Urwin and "Arabian Adventures" by MusicBakery Licensed by Audiosparx.com Desert Gems Audio Mixed COPYRIGHT 2017 ALL rights reserved. 

“But the pearls had grown yellow and had lost pearly colour…”

"The haunting refrain of Abdullah the adventurer echoes as reaches into a bag of spices, jewels and pearls mouldered by time. No one in the court of Muwiyah the Caliph believes the adventurer's tales of an abandoned city in a lost oasis covered by sands, gleaming with silver and bricks of gold, columns of jeweled chrysolite, sparkling fountains, a paradise of fruit-laden trees and no living souls. An old scribe Ka’ab emerges with a forgotten tale of King Shadad of the ancient tribe of Ad within deepest Africa, and the Lost city of 1000 pillars of Irem. Other ancient scribes emerge from his mind’s eye recalling a flash of fire consuming the majestic city, and grave robbers who dared to read the inscription in stone over the jeweled casket of the Mighty King of Shadad…"

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