1001 Arabian Nights: Sinbad 7 and 8 Island of Devils and Return to Sarandib

Sinbad in episode 7 Loses course in a narrow strait filled with leviathans and peril, and finds himself in an isle of winged shape-shifting devils, and finds solace with his second wife and wealthy father in law. Sinbad learns the devil's terrible secret, as they fly to the spheres of heaven, only to be cast down by fiery comets. Twin angels grant Sinbad a rod of red gold that can command serpents who devour men on the island, and finally he returns to his Caliph. 
Sinbad is yet called back to the Island of Sarandib on behlf of the Caliph, who wishes to return favors to the opulent monarch. upon his return to the Ivory Isle, he is waylaid by sea-pirates and sold into slavery. Sinbad falls in favor with an ivory hunter, and finds the Graveyard of the Elephants, a rich repository of tusks. After returning to Baghdad, he concludes his tales of mystery and wonder. 

Miguel Moran Sinbad the Seaman
Richard Garner Sinbad the Landsman
7th Captain Warren Blackie
Father in Law Glenn Hibburt
Sinbad’s Second Wife Kimlinh Tran
Winged Devil Tony Balun
Rod Bearing Angels S. Longshaw
Devoured Man Isaak Wells
Isaak Wells Ivory Merchant
Riese Meyers Caliph Haroun al Raschid
and Royal Page
Gagnam Patak King of Sarandib
Margritte Sheherezade
Karen Hayman Dunyazad
Michael Valenzuela King Sharhyar

Music Selections Karl Sanders Curse the Sun/ Shira Gula Pazuzu / Slavery Unto Nikotris
Iron Cthulu Apocalypse: Phul / Shambler from the Sea
soundeffects From freesound.org
Art: Depravarts

Enter In / Arabian Adventures Licensed from AudioSparx
Desert Gems Audio c. 2019 all rights reserved

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