King Sharyar and His Brother

Welcome to the first episode of the 1001 Arabian Nights audio drama, adapted from Sir Richard Burton's timeless classic "Arabian Nights Entertainments."

In the first tale the two brothers King Sharyar and Shah Zaman reunite after a long absence.  The younger harbors a shocking confession and the King's Courtyard Harem hides lurid secrets. By the shores of a distant sea the two encounter a monstrous Djinn and his enchanted concubine.  A spellbinding tale of  passion, betrayal, and revenge that introduces the legendary Scheherazade.


King Sharyar - Michael Valenzuela  Shah Zaman - William Watt Wazir - Sean Chiplock Queen -Karen Kahler

Sister-in-Law - Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard Lover - Zeke Djinn - S. Davis Poet - Warren Reid Ifrit's concubine -Viridiane

Scherezade - Margritte


"Enter In" Steve Urwin "Ya Wardat Al Hob Safi" - M. Abdel Wahab "Herat" - ERH "Arabian Adventures" -"The Music Bakery

Sound effects  from licensing from


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