Episode 6: “Porter of Baghdad Part I”

The saga  continues with 1001 Arabian nights Audio Drama Porter of Baghdadfrom Sir Richard Burton's timeless classic "Arabian Nights Entertainments. The story begins with a handsome young  porter who is accosted by a beautiful young lady who needs his services at the market while shopping. As he is invited into her home, he haplessly stumbles into an drunken bacchanal at the house of her two sisters, on the condition he asks no questions of any goings on in the house. Later three robed one-eyed Kalandars join the party and they too are invited on the condition they keep secrets of the household. Later the Caliph Haroun al Raschid, and his trusty sworder Masrur and minister Ja’afar, all disguised as travelers enter the party, just in time for a closet of secrets, two howling black dogs who are whipped by the weeping eldest sister, and the second sister tearing her clothes to show marks of scourges while the third plays a haunting tune. As the Caliph can no longer stand the curiosity, he goads the young porter to break his oath of secrecy.

The Eldest lady threatens with the sword, and in turn the guests must reveal their own secrets, starting first with the young Porter.

Lavish traditional music and this episode for mature audiences only. Part one of five episodes.


Porter Richard Garner Cateress Cassandra Wladyslava Portress Karen Kahler Eldest Lady Natalie Von Sistine

Poet S. Davis Dunyazad Karen Hayman Scherezade Margritte First Kalandar Patrick Seymour Second Kalandar Zade Patterson

Third Kalandar Warren Blackie Masrur the Sworder and Ubiquitous Voice  Zeke Caliph Haroun al Raschid Anthony Abomeli

Ja’afar Dustin Daar Wicked Wazir / Kamran Nikhad Seven Slaves TJ


“Fantasi Nawahl”

“Joyful, Shimmer, Esoteric, Arcana “ by Stephan Sechi licensed by FootageFirm.com

Ottoman Ismir Folk Music courtesy Xavier Serra freesound.org

“Lost Oud” “Turkish Delight” “A Castle of Azerbaijan” by Charles Zuber

Sound effects from freesound.org Opening and ending credits theme / "Enter in" Steve Urwin and "Arabian Adventures" by Music Bakery Licensed by Audiosparx.com Desert Gems Audio copyright 2013 all rights reserved.


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