Nameless City (Irem) HP Lovecraft

• October 13th, 2019

HP Lovecraft's "Nameless City" 1921. A hapless adventurer wanders into the far reaches of the desert, with the words of the Mad Arab Abdul Al Hazred "That is not dead which eternal can lie...and with strange aeons even death may die..." echoing in his fevered mind. The roseal light of the sub blazes, with visions of the Halls of Memnon, and the times before Babylon. As the sands blow in the spectral ruins, a colossal door springs open. Down the adventurer descends down ancient corridors alighted with a torch, and springs upon antediluvian rites and crocodilian horrors....

Features: Tom Kerin The Adventurer
               Faisal Yaqub Abdul Al-Hazred the Mad Arab 
Music: Emme Ya - "The Backward Path"
                           "Het Isht Num Mize"
                            "Pre-Eval Atavisms (gods ov shadows)
Sound effects from
C. 2019 desertgemsaudio all rights reserved 


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1001 Arabian Nights: Sinbad 7 and 8 Island of Devils and Return to Sarandib

• June 15th, 2019

Sinbad in episode 7 Loses course in a narrow strait filled with leviathans and peril, and finds himself in an isle of winged shape-shifting devils, and finds solace with his second wife and wealthy father in law. Sinbad learns the devil's terrible secret, as they fly to the spheres of heaven, only to be cast down by fiery comets. Twin angels grant Sinbad a rod of red gold that can command serpents who devour men on the island, and finally he returns to his Caliph. 
Sinbad is yet called back to the Island of Sarandib on behlf of the Caliph, who wishes to return favors to the opulent monarch. upon his return to the Ivory Isle, he is waylaid by sea-pirates and sold into slavery. Sinbad falls in favor with an ivory hunter, and finds the Graveyard of the Elephants, a rich repository of tusks. After returning to Baghdad, he concludes his tales of mystery and wonder. 

Miguel Moran Sinbad the Seaman
Richard Garner Sinbad the Landsman
7th Captain Warren Blackie
Father in Law Glenn Hibburt
Sinbad’s Second Wife Kimlinh Tran
Winged Devil Tony Balun
Rod Bearing Angels S. Longshaw
Devoured Man Isaak Wells
Isaak Wells Ivory Merchant
Riese Meyers Caliph Haroun al Raschid
and Royal Page
Gagnam Patak King of Sarandib
Margritte Sheherezade
Karen Hayman Dunyazad
Michael Valenzuela King Sharhyar

Music Selections Karl Sanders Curse the Sun/ Shira Gula Pazuzu / Slavery Unto Nikotris
Iron Cthulu Apocalypse: Phul / Shambler from the Sea
soundeffects From
Art: Depravarts

Enter In / Arabian Adventures Licensed from AudioSparx
Desert Gems Audio c. 2019 all rights reserved

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Sinbad 5th and 6th Episode: City of Apes and Isle of Sarandib

• June 2nd, 2019

The Fifth Voyage of Sinbad unravels as a Family of Rukhs seek vengeance upon their unborn, and lands Sinbad shipwrecked upon the island of the Sheikh al Bahr, a miserable wretch who rides the backs of the living and devours their life force. Only a secret elixir of alcohol can allow Sinbad to escape danger, to the Lost City of the Apes, who pelt coconuts by day and devour human flesh by night, and a host of wonders until Sinbad reaches again Baghdad. The Sixth voyage unfolds as Sinbad is cast upon a lost isle, a mountain filled with streams, founts of floating ambergris, deep sea monsters and jewels with a subterranean river. Days later Sinbad awakes in the Isle of Sarandib and meets with a beneficent Rajah who presents him with gifts of fair women, sheets of spotted serpent skin that restore life each night,  cups of pearls and rubies with a procession of giant elephants…upon his return the Caliph spurs Sinbad on to yet another adventure fraught with sorcery and perils.

Sinbad: Miguel Moran
Frightened Passenger: Sean Chiplock
Shaykh al Bahr: Warren Blackie
Frightened Sailor: Reise Meyers
Islander: Richard Kingston
Cocoa-nut Gatherer: Anthony Abomeli
Pearl Diver: Sanjaya Ferry
Sixth Captain: Steve Atwell
Frightened Sailor: Rip Elliot
Poet: S. Longshaw
Abyssinian: Mark Rowland
King of Sarandib: Gagnam Patak
Procession Aire: Jamil Haider
Herald: AT Gonzalez 
Caliph Haroun Al Raschid: Riese Meyers

Artwork: Depravarts Tiamat I
Karl Sanders: Kali Ma / Rapture of Empty Spaces

Dark Imperium Procession of Leviathan
The Green Moons of Yultar Iron Cthulu Apocalypse
Enter In / Arabian Adventures Licensed from AudioSparx
Desert Gems Audio c. 2019 all rights reserved

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Sinbad the Seaman Episode 3 and 4

• May 11th, 2019

The Third and Fourth Voyage of Sindbad the Seaman.

The third voyage chronicles Sinbad's return, where he is waylaid at sea to the Mountains of Zughb, where the ship is absconded by mad ape people. The crew retreats into a castle, where they meat with a giant cyclopean ogre, who devours the crew one by one. Sinbad and two others flee on a raft to the next island. A vicious serpent swallows the remainder of the crew, and Sinbad must outwit the scaled dragon. All is not lost, as he regains his cargo from the next port, as he is reunited with the Diamond Merchant. The fourth voyage begins as a castaway upon an isle of a Magian Ghul, a cannibal king of an island. The lost isle is inhabited by naked men, who anoint the crew with ensorcelled oil, which causing crew to ecstatically eat until engorged and slaughtered. Sinbad alone escapes to another island, and lands upon an isle of saddle-less horses. The King gives thanks by marrying him to a lovely woman, yet the isle has a terrible secret. The living are buried with the dead, and Sinbad is lowered into a charnel pit with his dead wife...and becomes a ghoul himself, until escaping  through a tunnel made by beasts. As he loots the bodies of the hapless dead, he flags a ship and returns...for yet more adventures. 

Sinbad: Miguel Moran
Captain Three: Zade Patterson
Sailor: Rip Elliot
Captain Four: Zade Patterson.
Ship’s Scribe: Sean Chiplock
Diamond Merchant: Faisal Yaqub
Grave Warner: Sean Chiplock
Pepper Gatherer: Rahul Kurup
Kamran Nikhad: King without Saddle
Widower: Tom Kerin
Sinbad’s First Wife: Kimlinh Tran
Ill-fated Widow: Kimlinh Tran
Margritte: Sherezade

Fifth Sailor: Jamil Haider
Beckoning the Sick Winds of Pestilence Karl Sanders / Elder God Shrine  (limited license)Black Seas of Infinity: Within Daathian Chasms /Vortex of Awakening/7 are the Veils 7 are the Names
Dark Transcendent Trance: In the Temple of The Dark Lord
Sea Organ Of Zadar Music Selections by Xserra
Dominic Gomes: Vinayaki Jaap Mantra
Sound effects by
Art: Depravarts
Opening and ending credits theme/ "Enter in" Steve Urwin and "Arabian Adventures" by MusicBakery Licensed by Desert Gems Audio  COPYRIGHT 2019 ALL rights reserved

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Arabian Nights: Sinbad The Seaman Voyage: 1 and 2

• May 8th, 2019

Sindbad The Seaman and Sindbad The Landsman.

The Legendary 7 Voyages of Sinbad Begin…
An impoverished yet good-hearted young porter Sinbad happens one night upon a fountained courtyard with music and dancing inside. Instantly he is whisked to the lavish feasting table of Sinbad the Seaman who begins the first two of eight exciting fantastical tales of serpents, rukhs, and mystery. Voyage One recounts the tale of Sinbad’s first shipwreck on a floating island, the back of a large sea-monster. On the shore, sea-stallions rise from the ocean, herded by a tribe of underground sea-cavern dwellers. As Sinbad wends his way dangerously back to Baghdad he embarks on a  second adventure. On an island a large sparkling, dome juts upward, a Rukh’s egg which is smashed by the hapless crew. Sinbad flees on the back of a Rukh, and falls into the Valley Of Serpents, encrusted with diamonds. Bloody slabs of lamb are are tied to eagles by diamond merchants. Sinbad emerges with precious jewels in tow.

Sinbad the Seaman: Miguel Moran:
Sinbad the Landsman: Richard Garner
Page: Amara Santoro
Sinbad’s Father: Glenn Hibburt
Scythian Horseman: Mark Rowland
Scythian King: Mark Rowland
Captain One: Patrick Seymour
Diamond Merchant: Faisal Yaqub

Karl Sanders - Luring the Doom Serpent / Awaiting the Vultures. (under limited license)
Iron Cthulhu Apocalypse - Diabolical Pulchritude of the Precambrian Era
Lapis Niger – Inside the Black Pearl

Artwork: Depravarts - Tiamat I
Sound effects from
Opening and ending credits theme/ "Enter in" Steve Urwin and "Arabian Adventures" by MusicBakery Licensed by Desert Gems Audio Mixed COPYRIGHT 2019 ALL rights reserved

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And Then One Night “A Long Cold Lonely Winter” 

• May 1st, 2019

Season One Anthology Episode HG WORLD Lost Episode. 

And Then One Night “A Long Cold Lonely Winter” by Dayton Ward

A cold winter's evening, a colonel and a gunnery sergeant converse as zombie eaters loom in the distance. The sat phone crackles and all hell breaks loose.






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Rabinadrath Tagore’s “The Skeleton”

• January 21st, 2019

“In the garden at dusk, the smell of greenery wafts though the windows, and the night breeze wafts through and rattles chimes made of wood and bone that softly tinkle. Outside in the vines, is a carving relief of the goddess Chamunda, covered with moss and vines. This view is obscured by the darkening night, and a physician spends a fateful night in the old medical college…remembering the bones of an old skeleton that once hung from the rafters…

A voice whispers from behind the curtain… during the last thirty-five years I have only moaned in the wind in the burning-places of the dead. I would talk once more with a man as in the old times."

 "Does any one think of the skeleton of a champak flower?" The physician is mesmerized by the haunting beautiful apparition, and a dreadful tale unravels of passion, betrayal and ghastly terrors...

Featuring voice talents of: 

Mamta Gurnani: Phantom Skeleton
Rahul Kurup: Physician
Tom Kerin: Father-in-Law 
Faisal Yaqub: Diamond Vendor

Gagnam Patak: Brother
Rohinnamon: Shekhar the Young Doctor 

Sound effects from

and X.A.O. "Tabula Adamantis"

Produced by Desert Gems Audio. C. 2019 All Rights Reserved. 


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“Abdullah and the 1001 Columns of the City of Irem”

• September 3rd, 2017

Desert Gems Audio presents Sir Richard Burton’s timeless classic


Abdullah the adventurer: Faisal Yaqub

Muwaiyah the Caliph: Kamran Nikhad

Ka’ab the scribe: Warren Blackie

Special Thanks to King Shadad: Richard Kingston

Architects: Anthony Sardinha
Sage Al-Shaabi Sean Chiplock
Sage Al Salibi : Patrick Seymour

Music Qaf – Al Tareeq Ella Tamaher

Music Emme Ya Nightside Ov Eden

“Abdullah and the 1000 Pillars of Irem”
Sound effects from Opening and ending credits theme/ "Enter in" Steve Urwin and "Arabian Adventures" by MusicBakery Licensed by Desert Gems Audio Mixed COPYRIGHT 2017 ALL rights reserved. 

“But the pearls had grown yellow and had lost pearly colour…”

"The haunting refrain of Abdullah the adventurer echoes as reaches into a bag of spices, jewels and pearls mouldered by time. No one in the court of Muwiyah the Caliph believes the adventurer's tales of an abandoned city in a lost oasis covered by sands, gleaming with silver and bricks of gold, columns of jeweled chrysolite, sparkling fountains, a paradise of fruit-laden trees and no living souls. An old scribe Ka’ab emerges with a forgotten tale of King Shadad of the ancient tribe of Ad within deepest Africa, and the Lost city of 1000 pillars of Irem. Other ancient scribes emerge from his mind’s eye recalling a flash of fire consuming the majestic city, and grave robbers who dared to read the inscription in stone over the jeweled casket of the Mighty King of Shadad…"

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Rabinadrath Tagore’s “The Hungry Stones”

• February 26th, 2017

The Hungry Stones" by Rabinadrath Tagore

An excursion high into the Hills of the Punjab and descent into madness, into the marble halls of the long-lost Mughals, and a demoness trapped in stone and serpentine dreams." 

"Methought that one of the thousand and one Arabian Nights had been wafted to me from the world of romance, and that at the dead of night I was wending my way through the dark narrow alleys of slumbering Bagdad to a trysting-place fraught with peril."

her form was not invisible to my mind's eye,--an Arab girl, her arms, hard and smooth as marble, visible through her loose sleeves, a thin veil falling on her face from the fringe of her cap, and a curved dagger at her waist!”

…at one time countless unrequited passions and unsatisfied longings and lurid flames of wild blazing pleasure raged within that palace, and that the curse of all the heart-aches and blasted hopes had made its every stone thirsty and hungry, eager to swallow up like a famished ogress any living man who might chance to approach…”

 And the haunting refrain “Stand Back! Stand back! All is false! All is false!”

With many thanks to Rav Duch Kosela of XAO -"Ophis Tov Kaos"

Vishuddha Kali Rituals of Fire and Rituals of Stone.

Rahul Kurup Narrator, and Man on the Train.

Tom Kerin as Karim Khan, and  British traveler.

Avery Smithhart as Phantasm:

Faisal Yaqub as Meher Ali. 

Sound Effects:

C. 2017 Desert gems audio all rights reserved

Special preview, to be presented with 1000 Pillars of Irem at HP Lovecraft Festival 2017. 

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Episode 16 Hunchback’s Tale Part 3 “The Barber’s Tale of his Six Brothers”

• October 27th, 2016

The lavish tale of The Hunchback and the winds through the memory of the darkly comic Barber, as the sinister world of his six brothers unfolds, all an embodiment of the seven deadly sins. He recounts barely escaping death from ten condemned men and a cantankerous Caliph. The first brother al Bakbuk, the prattler, a Hunchback tailor lustily covets his Landlord’s wife. As he schemes with her servant to have her for fine robes, the husband has him yoked to a mill as an ox, whilst the women laugh in sheer delight.  The second Al Haddar, the foolish babbler is brimming with lusty delight, and falls in the company of an old woman, who lures him to a harem the Wazirs wife who showers him with slaps and painful conditions, and a drunken throng of devilish maidens who ply him with wine, pelt him with lemons, citrons, and pillows, and uproarious  crescendo of and drunken frolic and trap doors.  

The third Al Fakik, the greedy blind beggar crosses path with a asly and devious House master who endures great lengths of whips and flogging to his pack of blind bandits a lesson they’ll never forget. He sadistically laughs as their blows aretripled and delightfully helps himself to a third of their gold.  The fourth brother, Al Kuz al Aswani, the gabbler, long necked gugglet, and town butcher personifies wrath as he metesout justice to a thieving shapeshifting old shaykh who warns him to turn a blind eye.  Silver coins transform intopaper, a slaughtered ram turns into a human carcass, and the town turns upon him, while the Shaykh’s cane wand puts out his eye. The vengeance of the old shaykh never ceases as he wanders from town to town with a black mark, and with each punishment further marring his fate.


The fifth brother concocts a potion of prideful visions from 100 dinars worth of perfumed glass bottles, which crash to his chagrin. An seemingly kind old woman leads him to the house of her mistress, a poisonous damsel married to a Nubian Ifrit. They lure the young man to death in a souterrain of horrors reeking of gore and treasures. Barely escaping death, he returns to the charnel pit to outwit the demonic Nubian, but finds the gold and damsel of his aspirations has a terrible cost.  The sixth brother, Shakashik or many clamors, whose hunger surpasses the circumference of the globe, encounters a sadistic Wazir, and a trio of devious eunuchs to tempt him with a sumptuous repast of thin air. His empty pit of a stomach gnaws as the scheming  Wazir tempts him with salivating depictions of the choicest epicurean delights. A battle of wits ensues for a comical bash of twists and turns, and a drunken carousing feast of twenty years. Despite his good fortune, a twist of fate lands him into the tent of a Bedouin bandit’s wife, where his life and his member hangs upon a blade.

 As Al Samit, the slothful Barber reveals forgiveness by the Caliph, the Sultan of China reels with delight and pardons the Jewish physician, the Agnostic Tailor,the Nazarene Broker and the Muslim Reeve for the death of the Hunchback. There is more in store as the wily barber plays one more trick, and removes a fish bone from the Hunchback’s gullet. The Hunchback fool plays the ultimate trick upon them all in the exciting conclusion of Volume I of the Arabian Nights of Sir Richard Burton's "Arabian Nights Entertainments."

First Tale: Starring Sean Young As Al Samit The Barber the Silent Man. Edwyn Riong Tiong : Sultan of China. Patrick Seymour Nazarene Broker Kamran Nikhad Muslim Reeve and Caliph Tom Kerin Jewish Tailor Tailor Zade Patterson Richard Kingston Sworder  Karen Hayman Dunyazad Margritte:Sheherazade Chris Thurman, Jester’s Hunchback, 1st Brother   Terah Kuykendall -Servant of Landlord’s Wife Olivia Steele Landlord’s Wife Patrick Seymour: Landlord Sean Chiplock Kazi Second Tale: Older Woman: Danielle McRae Mistress of The House : Cassandra Wladyslava /Tailor’s Wife Brother: Richard Garner Jamaal Ephraim : Captain of the Guard  Third Tale: 3rdbrother Warren Blackie   Anthony Sardinha Governor Richard Kingston: House Master Fourth Tale: AT Gonzalez  Ryan Edwards: Shape shifting Shaykh Townsperson: Jake Whitmarsh Fifth Tale:  Matt Franklin Fifth Brother Karen Kahler: Old Witch Damsel: Natalie VonSistine Courtier: Jake Whitmarsh Richard Kingston:Nubian Ifrit Sixth brother: Robert Cossyleon Courtiers: RichardGarner Chamberlain: FaisalYaqub Ryan Edwards BedouinBandit Music: Ambient Track Skull Bottle Sorcery "Neptunian" Music Himalayan Gong – Nirtana Xserra musical selections from Erik and Derik Feichter: Arabian soundtrack. “Aladdin” KingTut” “Cobra Desert “ Sound effects from Opening and ending credits theme/ "Enter in" Steve Urwin and "Arabian Adventures" by MusicBakery Licensed by Desert Gems Audio Mixed COPYRIGHT 2016 ALL rights reserved. 

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