Rabinadrath Tagore’s “The Hungry Stones”

The Hungry Stones" by Rabinadrath Tagore

An excursion high into the Hills of the Punjab and descent into madness, into the marble halls of the long-lost Mughals, and a demoness trapped in stone and serpentine dreams." 

"Methought that one of the thousand and one Arabian Nights had been wafted to me from the world of romance, and that at the dead of night I was wending my way through the dark narrow alleys of slumbering Bagdad to a trysting-place fraught with peril."

her form was not invisible to my mind's eye,--an Arab girl, her arms, hard and smooth as marble, visible through her loose sleeves, a thin veil falling on her face from the fringe of her cap, and a curved dagger at her waist!”

…at one time countless unrequited passions and unsatisfied longings and lurid flames of wild blazing pleasure raged within that palace, and that the curse of all the heart-aches and blasted hopes had made its every stone thirsty and hungry, eager to swallow up like a famished ogress any living man who might chance to approach…”

 And the haunting refrain “Stand Back! Stand back! All is false! All is false!”

With many thanks to Rav Duch Kosela of XAO -"Ophis Tov Kaos"

Vishuddha Kali Rituals of Fire and Rituals of Stone.

Rahul Kurup Narrator, and Man on the Train.

Tom Kerin as Karim Khan, and  British traveler.

Avery Smithhart as Phantasm:

Faisal Yaqub as Meher Ali. 

Sound Effects: Freesound.org

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Special preview, to be presented with 1000 Pillars of Irem at HP Lovecraft Festival 2017. 

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