Episode 15: Hunchback’s Tale Part II :Jewish Physician’s Tale & The Epicurean Tailor’s Tale

1001 Arabian nights Audio Drama from Sir Richard Burton's timeless classic "Arabian Nights Entertainments Sir Richard Burton’s timeless classic “Arabian Nights Entertainments”
Hunchback's Tale Part II the Jewish Physician's Tale and the Tailor's Tale continues captively at the Sultan of China's Court
The physician recants his tale of a young man with no right hand, who in turn tells his hapless tale of intrigue and decapitation of a young damsel by his mysterious lover and the retrieval of her necklace, throughout the lands of Egypt and Damascus. The Tailor also tells his tale, of a impatient young man driven mad by desire, and the mad astrological barber/philosopher  who causes the man to become lame of leg. Introduces the Mad and Bawdy barber for the upcoming conclusion of Volume 1!

Tom Kerin - Jewish physician  Rahul Kurup- Mameluke, Landlord, Pawnbroker, Syndic Wazir Barber's Friends. Mark Rowland - Prince without Hand Rip Elliot- Father Uncles and chief - Glenn Hibburt  Villainous Damsel -Kimlinh Tran Governor -Lee Turner Edwyn Rong Tiong Sultan of China Scherezade - Margritte Tailor - Zade PattersonHost, Voice of the Prophet- Joey Sellick Sean Young - Barber Wazirs Daughter - Miriam Bowden Wazir and Barber's Father - Reise Meyers Old Crone - Heidi Tabing Wazir's Retainer -Jhon Longshaw Poet - Stephanie Longshaw
Steve Atwell - Prince With Lame Legs

Music ScapeGoat "Pyramids of Mars" Assume the Death Posture https://slaughterhouserex.bandcamp.com/album/scapegoat-esoteric-technology-techno-magic
Derek and Brandon Feichter - Soundtrack Score6" Desert City" - Kevin McLeod  Eerie Ambience Richard McCulver Mystery Orientale - FSM Team Traditional  Pieces setuniman and xserra Sound effects from freesound.org
Opening and Ending credits theme / "Enter in" Steve Urwin and "Arabian Adventures" by Music Bakery Licensed by Audiosparx.com Desert Gems Audio Mixed and Produced by S. Longshaw copyright 2016 all rights reserved.

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