Episode 12: Tale of Nur al Din and his Son

Ja’afar weaves the spell binding tale of destiny before the Caliph in the "Tale of Nur al Din  and his Son” 1001 Arabian nights Audio Drama from Sir Richard Burton's timeless classic "Arabian Nights Entertainments.” Two brothers Nur al Din and Shams al Din inherit their father’s kingdom, and promise to wed two sisters, and marry their unborn son and daughter together. The two are separated by a mighty quarrel and are driven to foreign lands. Fortune unfolds as the two marry the daughters of Wazsirs and give birth to Hasan and Sitn al Husn. Upon Nur al Din’s death, after leaving five behests, Hasan falls to the hands of fate in the desert, while Sitn al Husn is eyed by a wealthy Sultan. As Nur al Din consults astrologers to convince him of her betrothment to another, the Sultan in a rage promises her to a hideous hunchback.

Hasan is driven to the desolate cemetery at night stands before the tomb of his father weeping. A devilish Ifrit and an Ifritah  from Cairo and Damascus whisk him away to the wedding celebration of seven veils, and trick the half-witted hunchback out of the princess’s hand, while cowering in a privy. Hasan and Sitn al Husn spend one night in ecstasy before the winged Ifrits fly off and return him to whence he came. A carpet of blinding stars and blasing comets concludes part I of this episode.  

Cast: Jaafar  Dustin Darr,Scherezade - Margritte Shams al Din - Zade Patterson Nur al Din - Patrick Seymour Old Sultan /Sultan- Kamran Nikhad Jewish Merchant - Sean Chiplock Hasan - Warren Blackie Sitn al Husn - Karen Hayman Retainer - Lee Turner Servant / Townsperson - Kai Skrotszi Ifrit - John Longshaw Ifritah / Poet - Stephanie Longshaw, Hunchback - Chris Thurman Old Wazir /Muezzin -  Faisal Yakub Old Woman - Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard Tirewomen - Cassandra Wladyslava 

Sound effects from freesound.org

Music: / ambient selections by Black Seas of Infinity,  Classical Arabic arrangements by Neomoha, xserra and toam / freesound.org

Opening and ending credits theme / "Enter in" Steve Urwin and "Arabian Adventures" bfy Music Bakery Licensed by Audiosparx.com Desert Gems Audio Mixed and Produced by S. Longshaw copyright 2013 all rights reserved.

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