Episode 9: “Porter of Baghdad Part IV” Third Kalandar’s Tale

The exciting fourth part of the Porter of Baghdad 1001 Arabian nights Audio Drama from Sir Richard Burton's timeless classic "Arabian Nights Entertainments continues with the story of the Third Kalandar’s tale, who tells the spellbinding tale of the loss of his eye by his own folly. He begins his journey sailing to the islands as a young prince Ajib son of Khazib. The ship goes off course when a Titanic black mountain, and he follows a mysterious voice of Destiny urging him to defeat a horseman of brass upon the Magnet Mountain of Mystery. He boards a rowboat with a robotic row-man, and fulfills his fate. Upon the deserted island, he happens upon ships headed by an old merchant and White and Black slaves, who are carrying goods into a subterranean palace.To his surprise, a young man his own age lives in luxury beneath the ground. The two feast and play board games as the young prince learns that the young man is fated to die by his own hand before his birthday. To his dismay, the prophecy becomes fulfilled by fateful accident. Racked with grief, he enters a gleaming copper palace the lair of a strange cult of ten one-eyed men, led by a one-eyed Shaykh who holds a ram's skin and a tray of ten candles. The prince is is not allowed to join their sect, but instead is allowed his turn to fly on a Rukh into the clouds. He enters a Sky palace of 40 damsels in 40 rooms.  Although he is allowed to choose from the 40 beautiful maidens, he is never allowed to open the dreaded 40th door. The horrifying secret he eventually finds within hurls him back to Earth, as the one-eyed sect shuns him. The Prince dons a Kalendar's robes and is an outcast, wandering the Earth until he happens upon the other two Kalendars. This story is a prelude to the bizarre conclusion of "Porter of Baghdad," Part V"The Eldest Lady's Tale and Portress's tale.

Cast - Third Kalendar Warren Blackie First Kalandar Patrick Seymour, Second Kalandar Zade Patterson, Eldest Lady Natalie Von Sistine Rais, Lee Turner and Jake Ries Sailors, Odell Atkinson Captain, Faisal Yaqub Voice of Mystery, Mitchell Lucas, Scherezade Margritte,  Poet S. Davis Merchant's Son, Kai Skrotzi, Elderly Father, Odell Atkinson, Mameluke and Blackamoor Slaves Zeke, Court Astrologer  Kamran Nikhad, Sean Chiplock Monocular Cult Leader,  Miguel Moran, Kamran Nikhad, Monocular Cult Members Damsels of the Sky Palace, Melissa Morgan Karen Hayman , Dustin Darr Ja’afar, Anthony Abomeli Caliph

Music Selections: “Old Road Kevin” Mcleod “Ceremony” “Conspiring Cowards” “Another World” “Destination Goa” “Indian Summer” “Forsaken One”"Mantra" licensed by footage firm.com ambient selections"Dreamer," "Howling Doomchimes, “Lost Souls” “Spacious Land” from “Unknown Dimensions" and “The Other Side” by Simon Stockhausen at Patchpool.de Ambient drone ERH Klankbeeld Traditional Turkish selections from Xserra from freesound.org Sound effects from freesound.orgOpening and ending credits theme / "Enter in" Steve Urwin and "Arabian Adventures" by Music Bakery Licensed by Audiosparx.com Desert Gems Audio Mixed and Produced by S. Davis copyright 2013 all rights reserved

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