Episode 8: “Porter of Baghdad Part III” Second Kalandar’s Tale

The exciting third part of the Porter of Baghdad 1001 Arabian nights Audio Drama from Sir Richard Burton's timeless classic "Arabian Nights Entertainments. continues with the story of the Second Kalandar’s tale, who speaks of the loss of his eye and fall from fortune. He sets out as a scholarly young prince, who is waylaid by bandits in the desert. A kindly tailor takes him in and urges him to take the guise of woodcutter, as he is in hostile territory. One day in the woods he comes across a trap door, which hides a subterranean palace and a beautiful damsel who is wed to a horrifying Ifrit. Their love is ill-fated, as the young Kalendar foolishly summons the cruel Ifrit who tortures the maiden on a rack to confess to the affair. To save his life he tells the “Tale of the Envied and the Envier” to the Ifrit, who then changes him into an ape. After much seafaring and wandering, the writing and chess-playing mute ape becomes a foreign King’s favorite. In the court is the lovely Princess Sitn al Hussn, who challenges the Ifrit to a fateful wizard’s duel in order to restore the Kalendar to humanity. A tale of ill-fated love, revenge, and not for the faint of heart.

Cast - Second Kalandar Zade Patterson, Wild Arabs S. Davis Michael Mojica, Tailor Justin Grant, Damsel Avery Smithhart, Ifrit Isaak Wells, Scherezade Margritte, Envier / Kamran Nikhad, Envied/ Faisal Yaqub, Janns and King Ifrit of the Well Richard Priest, Sultan Mitchell Lucas, Sultan’s Daughter Mora Inomorata, Courtiers Kai Skrotzi, Lieges Miguel Moran, Sailors Faisal Yaqub Lee Turner Miguel Moran Kai Skrotzi Jake Ries, Cptain Jake Ries, King Richard Priest, Mameluke Official and Eunuch Kai Skrotzi, Princess Sittn al Hussn Daniel McCrae, First Kalandar Patrick Seymour, Third Kalandar Warren Blackie, Eldest Lady Natalie Von Sistine

Music -“Tabuk” Kevin McLeod Horror ambience “Klankbeeld’ “Void Pad” DJ Chronos from freesound.org “Middle Eastern ambience”“Mysterious Indian Tribal Theme”“Indian Horror Music”“North Indian Delay”“Jawari” “The Temple of Baal” “Angry Tribe Human Sacrifice Theme” licensed by footage firm.com Sound effects from freesound.org Opening and ending credits theme / "Enter in" Steve Urwin and "Arabian Adventures" by Music Bakery Licensed by Audiosparx.com Desert Gems Audio Mixed and Produced by S. Davis copyright 2013 all rights reserved

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