“Fisherman and the Djinni:” Part I “King Yunan and Sage Duban”

1001 Arabian nights Audio drama of the "Fisherman and the Djinni: King Yunan and Sage Duban" from Sir Richard Burton's timeless classic "Arabian Nights Entertainments."

The tale continues as Sherazade begins the tale of "Fisherman and the Djinni." A poor humble fisherman unearths from the bottom of the ocean 1800 year old brass jar containing  a malicious and wicked Djinni. The evil spirit offers him choice of deaths, and the fisherman engages in tricks and tales to outwit him. The first is the story of "King Yunan and Sage Duban."

The illustrious sage Duban cures the ailing King Yunan of leprosy and is granted a high seat in the King's court, much to the  evil Wazir's chagrin. The Wazir suggests the King to kill the kindly sage, but not until three more stories are told by the pair. "King Sindibad and his Falcon, ""The Husband and the Parrot," "Prince and the Ogress," leading ultimately to a twisting and chilling conclusion. Talking decapited heads, poisonous vipers, wicked ghulahs, and wicked lovers abound in this five-in-one tale.

Features: King Sharyar: Michael Valenzuela, Dunyazad: Karen Hayman, Sherazade: Margritte, Djinni of the Ocean: Mitchell Lucas, Fisherman: Rip Elliot, King Yunan: Tom Kerin, Sage Duban: Odell Atkinson, King Yunans Vizier: Kamran Nikhad

Falconer: Dustin Darr, Falcon King: Michael Valenzuela, Falcon King’s Minister: Richard Garner, Falcon: Melissa Korkuc, Parrot: Chris Thurman, Husband: Zade Patterson, Poet and Turkish lover: S. Davis, Harem Girl: Melissa Morgan

Ghoul Children: Melissa Morgan / Mel Korkuc, Ghulah Princess: Danielle McRae, Wicked Wazir: Dustin Darr, Prince: Miguel Moran, King’s Favorite: Jules Ismail,  Sworder: Zeke

Music: "Orchestre" Mohamed Abdel Wahab, "Space of Glass" and "Weeping Giant" by Simon Stockhausen "Egyptian Ballad" and "The Arabian Flute" by Amir Khosrowshahi, "Enigma" ,"Occult" ,"Stranger" by Stephan Sechi licensed by footage firm.com, Sound effects from freesound.org Opening and ending credits theme "Enter In" by Steve Urwin and "Arabian Adventures" by Music Bakery licensed by audiosparx.com, Desert Gems Audio copyright 2012 all rights reserved

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