“Tale of the Trader and the Djinni”

The third terrifying tale continues in the 1001 Audio drama of  "Trader and Djinni" from Sir Richard Burton's timeless classic the Arabian Nights Entertainments. A merchant trader throws stones in the desert, and enrages a Desert Djinni who plans to murder the merchant for haplessly killing his son. When the merchant returns in one year to face the Djinni's wrath, three old Shaykhs, one with an enchanted  gazelle, the other with two greyhounds, and the eldest with a mule. The Djinni agrees to exchange a third of the trader's sentence if the wandering Shaykhs reveal the secret of the mysterious animals. Tales of revenge, redemption and sorcery filled with femme fatales, magicians, and shape-shifting Ifritahs. Cast Features:

King: Michael Valenzuela Dunyazad: Karen Hayman Sharzahd: Margritte Djinni: Ken Hackney Merchant Trader: William Watt 1st Shaykh: Sean Chiplock Sorceress:  Cassandra Wladyslava Herdsman:  Odell Atkinson Herdsman's Daughter: Melissa Morgan 2nd Shaykh: Faisal Yaqub 1st brother: Michael Mojica 2nd brother:  Zeke Ifritah: Viridiane 3rd Shaykh: Rip Elliot 3rd Shaykh's Wife: Karen Kahler Butcher: Chris Thurman Butcher's Daughter: Mel Korkuc

"Dance of Scherezade" Semi Sheheen Drones by Simon Stockhausen  Ambient Selections by ERH and Freesound.org Enter "Enter In" Steve Urwin  and "Arabian adventures"  Music Bakery  licensed by audiosparx c.2012 all right reserved


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