“Fisherman and the Djinni Part II: The Ensorcelled Prince”

The saga continues with 1001 Arabian nights Audio drama "Fisherman and the Djinni Part II: The Ensorcelled Prince."  from Sir Richard Burton's timeless classic "Arabian Nights Entertainments The cunning fisherman has outwitted the Djinni by coaxing him in the bottle, but the Ocean Djinni has the last laugh. The 1800 year old Djinni shows the fisherman to a remote mountain lake, and bids him to cast his net once per day. To his amazement, the fishes are multicolored and speak to magic entities wearing sapphires, when they are fried.

The King of the Lake Kingdom sets out to solve the rare mysteries. In the middle of a desert he discovers an abandoned castle, with a weeping prince who is ebony stone from the waist down. The melancholy prince tells his tragic tale, complete with an hideous mausoleum inhabited by his treacherous sorceress wife, and her necromancer African lover. The secrets of the ensorcelled Prince and the fountain of the blue, white, yellow and red magic fishes are revealed in this exciting tale of sorcery, and royal revenge.


King: Michael Valenzuela Dunyazad: Karen Hayman Sherazade: Margritte Djinni of the Ocean: Mitchell Lucas Fisherman: Rip Elliot Voice of Sage Duban: Odell Atkinson Sultan: Connor MCkinley Vizier: Zade Patterson Cookmaid: Melissa Morgan / Nicole Wilkes Sapphire Maiden: Avery Smithhart Magic Fishes: Mel Korkuc Magician: Richard Priest Elderly townspeople: Nicole Wilkes / S. Davis Soldiers: Cecil Robinson / Dustin Darr Ensorcelled Prince: Miguel Moran Harem Ladies: Melissa Morgan / Mel Korkuc Sorceress Princess: Mora Inamorata Sorceror Lover: Richard Priest


"Nights of Happiness" Semi Sheheen Ambient selections Simon Stockhausen ERH from freesound.org "Temple of Horus" and "Kawala Ney" by Amir Khosrowshahi Sound effects from freesound.org Opening and ending credits theme / "Enter in" Steve Urwin and "Arabian Adventures" by Music Bakery Licensed by Audiosparx.com Desert Gems Audio copyright 2012 all rights reserved


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